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Auspicious Date for Moving into New House in March 2009

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Planning to move house in March 2009? Is there a need to look for an auspicious date? Of course, your birthdates have an impact on you doesn't it? Selecting the right auspicious date for your special moment certainly give you a head start on your special moments.

If you are looking for an auspicious date in March 2009 to suit your need? Look no further. The following auspicious dates are specially selected for your special moments.

Do not choose the auspicious date which clash with your Chinese zodiac sign. The dates given below are for guidelines only. It is best that you consult the expert for the best results. Enjoy and Good Luck!

Auspicious DateClash Zodiac Sign
03 March 2009 , TuesdayOx
05 March 2009 , ThursdayRabbit
09 March 2009 , MondayGoat
19 March 2009 , ThursdaySnake
21 March 2009 , SaturdayGoat
27 March 2009 , FridayOx
30 March 2009 , MondayDragon
31 March 2009 , TuesdaySnake

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