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Chinese Zodiac - Earth Dragon Personality

Monday, January 26, 2009

Earth Dragon - 1928, 1988, 2048, 2108, 2168

You have a vigorous and exuberant mind. You are not afraid of difficulties and is willing to beaver your way through. Always energetic in whatever you are doing.

You have a flexible mind and agile in your thinking. If you continue to strive hard, you will certainly lead a tremendous successful life. Be mindful of your bad habit of giving up halfway easily and leaving task unfinished.

You are compassionate. This trait come natural to you, it is part of your instinct. There is not a least bit of pretentious in your part. Once this trait is been fully developed, it will become a kind of great universal love spirit for all.

But, even though you possess the personality compassionate, an aspiration to concern others come before your own pleasure. Your true personality is not that clear cut. Generally you are a yes-man.

Actually, if you work extra hard, to a certain extent, you can be a remarkably outstanding leader. You are capable of benefiting the society.

You have a tendency to squander. Furthermore, the goods and things that you like to buy are easily damage. Please think and consider clearly before you make any purchase to avoid any financial loss. You are a shopaholic. You buy on impulse and always waste your money on things that are not necessary.

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