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Chinese Zodiac - Metal Dragon Personality

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Metal Dragon - 1940, 2000, 2060, 2120, 2180

Metal dragon has a straightforward, honest personality. You are outspoken. You are sincere in your dealing and will not conspire on them. However, you are very sentimental, always on an emotional roller-coaster. You constantly change your plan and decision, making it hard for others to predict you.

You have very high spirit and ambition. You frequently come up with a lot of constructive and creative ideas. But when it come to implementing one of them, you become indecisive on where and how to start. Thus, to be successful, it is necessary for you to practice. Never skip any necessary steps, be realistic and work hard on it.

To your disadvantage, your first impression given to others is often not so good. This sometime makes it difficult for you to make new friend. So, do treasure those friends who have a deep understanding of you. You are rather big ego and is very self-centered. The most important thing for you now is to change your attitude. Be more open.

You are materialistic. You like to surround yourself with luxury and sumptuous items. You also need a cozy, refine environment to relax and motivate you.

You are an affectionate person and like to have a strong sex-appeal.

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