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Chinese Zodiac - Wood Ox Personality

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wood Ox - 1925, 1985, 2045, 2105, 2165

Wood ox is naturally active and is considerate of other people. You exhibit empathy, compassion and a genuine concern for all people.

You react more quickly than others of this sign and are likely to be of a more graceful socially. You are willing to work hard and if necessary face danger in your pursuit of your goal.

You tend to think that you are always right and will not give in to fear. You will speak your mind. However, your frankness and outspoken nature might easily offend people.

You have a strong desire to express your love. You are self sacrificing in relationships and are more passionate than others would at first think. You are too emotional and sometime do not quite know how to contain it. You need a partner who will share in your dreams and be a part of the future you have destined for yourself.

Financially you are not stable. You are too trustworthy and too easy with money. Easily lend your money to the wrong person and for the purpose. At times, cause heart pain and tension in your family at times.

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