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Chinese Zodiac - Earth Goat Personality

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Earth Goat - 1919, 1979, 2039, 2099, 2159

You are free, just and equitable. You are honest and upright but tend to speak before you think. However, you are not the type to plot against others. You are loyal to your friends and you will help them with all your heart and mind. This is the reason why your friends love and respect you.

Throughout your life, you are lucky enough to meet a lot of mentors and guidance who will promote and guide you. You are unlikely to meet with difficulty, problem or troubles with your career. Overall, you certainly have a smooth and stable career.

Female earth goat is comparatively gentler; most of you make good wife and mother. Generally you will enjoy good fortune.

Due to your graceful appearance and nobly attitude, you have good interpersonal relationship with everybody. But you do not have a very stable personality. One moment, you are full of shin shines and laughter but without warning, lighting strikes and thunders roars. You do get offended and angry easily, causing others do not dare to be near you.

In aspect of your health, you do not have a very health lifestyle. You worry too much and you do not take pressure well. You are always highly tense and keyed up. So much so, that you become jumpy and nervous over small matters. You should learn to be more relaxed. Go for a walk or even a tour to unwind. So as to not over tax your body and mind. Cause sickness to your health.

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