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Chinese Zodiac - Earth Horse Personality

Friday, February 6, 2009

Earth Horse - 1918, 1978, 2048, 2108, 2168

You are very active. Not suitable for a 9 to 5 work and you do not like to be tied down by a desk. You are optimistic and rather kind-hearted, good and honest.

You will try your heart out and do your utmost for friends. You are very willing to help others. As well as, you are fair and just in your dealing of matters. As a result, you have a lot of friends. You are always often able to resolve any worry, difficulties or problem which your friends encountered.

You have a sense of responsibility and is a reliable worker. Thus, you easily gain the trust of your superior. Even though due to your impatient personality, you make a few mistakes. But those around you are still cherished, take care, love and protect you.

You have an easy-going personality. And you are good at associating with others, thus, you are most suitable for those job that have a lot of outdoor activities and required you to move a round to interact with people. You are most happy with you find a job that can allow you to make new friends.

In any complicated circumstances and situations, you are capable of handling things well with no obstruction. You have an interest in any gaining knowledge in any ancient civilization and culture. Or you have an interest in explore and discovering something new let you feel alive and fitting into any new society thinking.

Maintaining good health is good for self-cultivation, mental and body health. In your daily activities, do take note of health. Be careful of what you eat and drink and pay attention to your health. In addition, engage in appropriate exercise. Naturally, you will be healthier and have a harmonious life.

You have to toil and strive to obtain satisfactory result. Throughout your life, your money luck is comparatively stable. There is no big gain or big loses. You will not suffer any huge financial loss. There exists a chance for you for a certain period of time to win lottery or have a hugh investment gain. But you must learn to save it and only to spend it necessary.

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