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Chinese Zodiac - Metal Horse Personality

Monday, February 2, 2009

Metal Horse - 1930, 1990, 2050, 2110, 2170

You are good-natured and kind-hearted. You are outspoken and would always speak your mind. You are willing to help others and often provide assistance and aid to your friends. That is the reason why you are so popular among your group of friends. But the only set back it that sometime, during conversation, due to your outspoken personality; you have hurt others unintentionally through your words.

You do not accept others view point, option or criticism. And it does not matter to you what others think of you. When you are chasing your dream or goal, you will put aside all matters that are not related. You do not care what others think or how others feel. You will put your ultimate effort and heart to it. To you, reaching and completing your goal is the only path that you will follow.

Base on your personality, you are not suitable to be a speculator. Your fortune luck is stable. Step by step, you will build your own wealth with your own plan. As you will be will recognize by your superior, the chances of you been promoted is always very high. To tilt this chance further to your advantage, equip yourself with more skill related to your work.

In your health aspect, do take more notice of your emotion and pressure. In addition, try to keep in check of your ever changing attitude. If not, it will cause irritation to others and this does not advantage you in any way.

You are very loyal to your love. This is the reason for your stable family lifestyle. In your romance aspect, you are full of freedom. At the same time, you are very rational and cool-headed. While you are choosing your partner, you will never make your move if the other party is not interested.

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