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Chinese Zodiac - Metal Monkey Personality

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Metal Monkey - 1920, 1980, 2040, 2100, 2160

You are clever, quick-witted and valiant. You are crafty and decisive. You are eloquent but are impatient and stubborn. Because you are a very confident person, therefore you do not have any problem building up your career. But you have a playful personality, due to your high IQ, you have a tendency to be over-confident and use illegal method for your gain. During these episodes, you are just too smart for your own good.

You are a teaser, sometime your teasing has gone to far. As a result, your interpersonal relationships with the people around you are rather poor. Do keep yourself in check not to overdo it. Once you become more popular and likeable, you will find other to be a great help for your career advancement.

In aspect to your family life, due to your small family, you will often not able to get support, help or recognition from them. You can only depending on yourself to work for a living.

When dealing with your own affairs, you will often find that you are very lucky. Everything always goes smoothly and easily for you.

All thing seem to be well planed and just waiting for your to coming along to pick it up. You are always at the right place on the right time for the good opportunity to drop on you. But your lack of good interpersonal relationship skill might sometime jeopardize the situation.

You need to work harder on improving your interpersonal relationship skill. Young Metal Monkey needs to study hard for your talent to be established. Practice make perfect. It is good to be competitive, but not aggressive. Do be more patient and accommodating when dispute arise.

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